About Us


Sustainable Connexions International (SusCo) is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) based in United States. SusCo seeks to increase the leadership and management capacity of locally-led NGOs and community leaders by providing training, technical assistance and access to virtual resources. Desired outcomes from SusCo’s efforts to strengthen locally-led organizations centers on helping move more people out of poverty and the creation of sustainable communities throughout Africa.

The founders of SusCo, Michel Bowman Amuah and Alyson Parham each bring more than 25+years of consulting and training experience working with NGOs, local leaders, small businesses and major corporations in the U.S and Ghana. SusCo operates with a Regional Coordinator along with a team of experienced professionals from Ghana, Nigeria, Canada and the United States of America. SusCo is governed by a five-member Board of Directors.


A world where all orphans and other vulnerable children are nurtured, loved and moving along paths toward becoming self sufficient adults.


To work with local and global partners
ensuring orphans and vulnerable children acquire
the necessary skills to survive, thrive and excel.

Countries Served

Ghana represents the first country for Sustainable Connexions International to begin its work. Despite Ghana’s economic growth in recent years, millions of children, women and families still live in extreme poverty. Addressing issues associated with accessing to clean water, health services, affordable and safe housing, economic develompent, employment and quality education remain top priorities for Ghana.

To address Ghana’s economic and social challenges, investments must be made in helping local leaders advanced their skills in building and leading organizations. Sustainable Connexions Africa focuses on ensuring local businesses and non-governmental organizations access high quality, affordable training and development services. Through this work, more locally-led organizations will be capable of effectively serving the needs of Ghana’s neediest and contributing to the expansion of new jobs for Ghanaians.


Board of Directors

Alyson Parham Small

30+ years of consulting
and training

John Zeigler

Director - Egan Office of
Urban Education and Community
Partnerships (UECP)

Harry Alston, Jr., Ph.D.

30+ years as organizational
change agent

Kim Honor

20+ years of experience working
with nonprofits

Eric Kyere

Assistant Professor, IUPUI

Sunday Robert-Eze

Rose Anne Grasty, PhD

Retired educator

Clarence Small

30+ years as Fire Fighter

Theo Joyner

Consultant, RGMA

Bishop David

Country Leader, Ghana Orphan Sunday