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About Us

SusCo began as a love story. After taking several trips to Ghana as part of her
church’s mission team, Alyson Parham met two children at an orphanage. Alyson
would one day become the mother of these two orphans. After many months
of completing adoption requirements in the U.S.A and Ghana, Alyson finally
brought her two children home.

A couple of years later, Alyson reconnected with a friend, Clarence Small from a local church they both attended as children. As young children, Alyson and Clarence even sang in the choir together. Ultimately, Alyson and Clarence were married and after completing another adoption of their beloved dog, Samson, Alyson and Clarence completed a new family.



A world where children are nurtured, loved and move
along paths toward becoming self sufficient adults.


To work with local and global partners
ensuring orphans and vulnerable children acquire
the necessary skills to survive, thrive and excel.

what we offer



The Hope and Resilience Project

 The TLC Model


Capacity Builders Without Borders

Short term mission trips allow SusCo the opportunity to connect people to new experiences in other countries.
We are preparing for a trip to Ghana in 2020. Come with us to share your gifts, talents and treasures with the
people of Ghana while learning about the rich culture and and history.

Help Orphans and Vulnerable Children Thrive!



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